Air Pollution Control System
Air Blowers,Combustion Blower
Fume Extraction System

Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans are available in WIDE Range of Fans in Low Pressure, Medium Pressure and High Pressure classifications.

Arrangements in - Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans


Based on the operating conditions.

Most of the Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans applications are SISW type and DIDW are used for high volume and low pressure applications like Ventilation, Air Conditioning etc.

Our ranges - of Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans

Based on the Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans application and operational conditions fans are designed with
Material of construction to suit varied Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans applications and operating conditions, like MS, SS , Aluminum, MS lined with FRP, MS Rubberlined etc.

In Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans basically 4 different orientations in clockwise and 4 in Anticlockwise and other orientation as per request to suit site conditions.

High temperature designed with SS 310 and 317 L for corrosion resistant on specific requirements of Centrifugal Fans / Radial Fans.
Gas Cleaning System
Exhaust System
Unit Dust Collector
Centrifugal Fan
Vintech is offering combustion fans that is provided with requisite capacity and pressure
Our Combustion Fans / High Pressure Fans / Blowers / Air Blowers range upto 1200 mm WG in Single Stage and 1500 mm WG in Multi Stage design with maximum power of 150 KW.
Range starts from 0.37 KW to 150 KW drive Motor.
Open wheel Combustion fans design’s are ideally suited for chips and dust conveying.
Different Combustion fan Orientation and different Combustion fan arrangements to suit specific Combustion fan requirement and application
Combustion Blower
Air Pollution Control System
Air Blowers
Fume Extraction System

Recommended –

Exclusively for Oven & Dryer Air Circulation, with Wheel inside the Chamber & drive package outside with Insulation arrangement up to 200 MM with temp. ranging upto 300ºC

Direct through Flexible coupling

are the three general arrangement to suit operating conditions and temperature.

Single Unit upto a flow of 20,000 CMH & Multiple units for increased flow.

Pulsejet Bag Filter

Specialised in Boiler Fans for the last 20 years and supplied to most of the Boiler manufacturers throughout the country.

The satisfactory function and performance of a Boiler totally depends upon the Boiler Fan ID, FD and PA for FBC type.

Various design, type and models to suit customer requirement from 1t to 25t capacity

Centrifugal / Radial Fan generally, belt-drive or direct through Flexible Coupling with heavy duty Impellers with or without hard facing or with liner plates etc depending upon the fuel handled, erosion and corrosion etc.

Preferred speed up to 1500 and operating temperature up to 280ºC in M.S.Construction, EN-8 Shaft, Roller Bearings, Taper lock Pulleys, Wedge Belts etc for Belt Drive and Tyre Coupling or Special Couplings for Coupling Drive, with heat slinger and heat resistant Aluminium paint, as standard features.

Centrifugal / Radial Fan with direct drive arrangement in general and flexible coupling drive for higher duty condition at 1420 RPM or 2850 RPM depends upon technical specification. Generally selected for ambient air handling up to 40ºC.

Centrifugal / Radial Fan generally used for FBC Boilers, operating approximately at 150ºC with direct drive through Flexible Coupling. Invariably low volume and high pressure ranges up to 1100 MM WG maximum with drives 1420 or 2850 through coupling drive.

Optional accessories include,
Outlet Damper

to suit customer design.

Pressurisation system
Ventilation System
Dust Collection System
Vintech is offering Axial fans provided with high volume and low pressure application with high efficiency, low cost for supply or exhaust applications, Axial fans size ranges from 300 mm φ to 1600 mm φ with a capacity up to 100000 CMH with different material of construction of Blades, to suit different applications, like
Stainless Steel

Axial fans also suit applictions like, fixed di cast or moulded blade design and variable pitch bladed design.

Direct drive, V-Belt drive, Bifurcated type Roof Extractor type for high rise concrete roof like power plants etc as Power Ventilators.

Axial Flow Fan
Shop & Field Balancing facility
Custom built & Tailor made design
All equipment manufactured & tested under one Roof
Proven & tested design
Satisfied Corporate & individual Customers
One of the esteemed Suppliers for (OEM) Boiler manufacturers through out the country
Qualified & Experienced Engineers & Technicians
Quick Delivery to meet Customer criticality
Sturdy construction and at affordable cost
Over and above,
Four decades of Experience & Vision of Promoter in the same field
 Exhaust System
Centrifugal Fan,Axial Flow Fan
Fan testing on progress
Packed Column Scrubber
Axial Flow Fan
Pulsejet Bag Filter
Ventury Scrubbers
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